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INFO: A word to play is in CAPITALS. Letters already on the board are shown as the S here: WORM(S). Premium Score squares: DL = Double letter: TL = Triple letter: DW = Double Word: TW = Triple Word. The blanks have no score letter on the Top right! A bingo (using all 7 of your letters) gets +35.
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Thursday, March 3, 2011

How can you get really high scores?

1. My late Dad, when talking about property, always said there are three important things that make property good. Position, position and position! When playing Words with Friends you should think in the same way. Placement, Placement and Placement!

Playing a long word with a letter valued at say 4 might get you a reasonable score BUT  say you could put that letter, say an W on a TL (triple letter score) and it made two words W(E) going down and W(E) going across then you score: Wx3 twice (4x3=12 x2=24) plus 2 x E (2x1=2) Total  26.

2. I can't stress enough that you should be careful near the outer four rows (across and down). Look at the TW squares and each one has TWO  TL squares 3 squares away. You may have the chance to play them both in one word and they can give you scores around the 100 mark. How? Well place a Q on the TL and run the word to the TW then the Q alone is worth 10 x 3 = 30 x 3 = 90! Equally be careful not to give your opponent the opportunity to use them.

If forced to place a word in that area then remember that a constant next to the TL square is harder to use with a Q Z J or even a W or V etc. than if it were a vowel.

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