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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Word endings, word beginings and Hooking. How to use the tiles on the board

Here are some of the letter combinations that you can tack onto words already on the board.

IER TION UN ER RE ED FUL ING and many others.

So GOOF can become GOOFIER
and RAID become RAIDED
or LAW become LAWFUL then UNLAWFUL
and WINK can become WINKING
and  RATE could become ITERATE then ITERATED and then REITERATED

and the 3 letters IER can transform verbs; JET with another T becomes JETTIER, RAP becomes RAPIER and so on.

When you see such word endings or beginnings put them to one side and see what is left. Look on the board to see if you can plonk an ING and score something big.

Remember Words with Friends lets you try the word. If it is illegal you simply cannot use it so you try again. That's the rule. Use it to your advantage.

Get the point?

Of course HOOKING  a word means ending or beginning an existing word that permits you to play another word in another direction. Like BAYS and KISS in the board above. It is another way of using existing board words.
The two most useful letters for this are the S or a Blank. Do not waste either one of these. The "extra" S in KISS pushed the K onto a premium square so that is OK. Many players make the mistake of thinking that a long word is best and adding an S makes it longer. An S is worth 1 point but using it as a HOOK adds the score of the hooked word to the score of your new word.

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