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Saturday, May 28, 2011

“Sorry that is not a valid word” Why are certain words refused?

  1. The word is NOT in the ENABLE word list as modified by Words With Friends.
    1. It is a word in general use but is considered by WWF as offensive (R-Rated) Note that the deletion of R-rated words is very hap-hazard and many people say if that word “aaaa” is not allowed how come I could then play this word “bbbb” which is worse!
    2. It is slang that has not yet been accepted into general usage.
    3. It is usually spelt with a capital letter, like Texas, and is therefore a Proper Noun. Some words like GOD can be spelt as “God” or “god” and can be an adjective as well. “Ra” is not accepted as it is only the (proper) name of an Egyptian god and is thus always capitalized.
    4. Is really an abbreviation or an acronym, like NATO, USA
  2. The word IS in the ENABLE word list as modified by Words With Friends but your version of WWF is not the latest and your word list has not been updated. The word list is in the App and with each revision the list changes.To be sure of getting the latest update delete the App from both your mobile device AND iTunes before downloading a new version.
  3. ANOTHER WORD is inadvertently formed and it is THAT word that is not accepted.   (It happens fairly often reading through WWF posts)
  4. You might place a valid word and get “That is not a valid emplacement” That means that there is a stray letter on the board. Just press recall and try your word again.
A word about the word list, ENABLE which has about 173,000 words and then WWF adds or deletes from that list. Adds new words and deletes offensive ones. SOWPODS, which is the official Scrabble word list, has about 100,000 more words. I have not checked but I surmise that the SOWPODS extra words are even more obscure and are most unlikely to be used.
These word lists are not dictionaries and have all Proper Nouns, acronyms and slang taken out, so don’t go checking the online dictionaries as they will give the OK even when the word is not acceptable.
Post a screen shot if you have had a word refused and if you are sure it is in the ENABLE word list (INCLUDING the latest additions  of August 2011 that you can see here:
*To post a screen shot send it to  or Picasa  or  Flikr or something similar. They are all free services. Then post the link here.

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