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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Worse than cheating.

I had a game going the other day on Facebook. After a few turns he played the word FLAPED which I thought strange, then he played GHOUTER which made me wonder, then he played A(REJOIN)ER.

The funny thing was that I was leading by nearly 100 points when I asked him how he played words that were not in any accepted wordlist. Had a pathetic reply like "There is a very good legal reason why..."

In  fact he was using a small program called MESSWITHWORDS that allows you to play anything and the pop up that says " ... not an acceptable word..." has a new button that says "Play anyway"

There is actually another way of messing with the program and that is to hack the ENABLE based word list that is loaded by WWF when the program is downloaded. No I won't give you the instructions.
It is not even a funny  joke. It's a bit like graffiti - fun for the artist but a pain for the recipient.

The joke was that even using MESSWITHWORDS he was getting smashed and the other joke was his user name: ARS132 He really is an ...hole!

I've seen some youtube videos where the guy shows you how to load this. I say this is worse than cheating because they nearly all say "This is how you can win every time" Win? They do not live on the same planet as us.

Glad you are all enjoying this blog.



  1. I agree he's a tool. If we all agree to have tool like word helper I don't see the problem. I don't use it if the person I am playing with is at a much lower level. It is no fun winning if you kill

  2. Yeah totally agree its supposed to be fun...lets keep it like that