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Monday, February 28, 2011

Dictionaries and acceptable words.

One of the most controversial debates on Words with Friends discussion boards is why certain words are not accepted. Very few are the comments about words that are accepted like c…t (I can’t even get myself to write it!)

Firstly there is a huge difference in the number of words in the Scrabble dictionary SOWPODS (268,000+) and the Words with Friends dictionary ENABLE (173,000+). In fact the Words with Friends Company only use ENABLE as a base for their own version and they may have taken out certain “Non-family” words but left several ones in.

The 100,000 words omitted from ENABLE are probably mostly words that the average player will never use and I have never tried to “compute” them. Maybe someone can and report back here.

However there are some examples that beg the question “Why?”

I recently had the word LETCHER on the board. LETCHER is in fact only a place name so should not be acceptable in either dictionary but was! First an S was added at the end and then I wanted to add an F at the beginning. A FLETCHER is an arrow maker and is OK in SPOWPODS but not in ENABLE.

There are two good reasons why Words with Friends chose ENABLE. Firstly because it would not cause copyright problems and secondly it is smaller which in an APP is important.

Words with Friends then decided, and I agree, to be family friendly. They took out some words that might offend like Faggot, Jew, Nigger and the like but strangely left in words like Shit, c..t, Arse and others that I really do not want to write.

I have seen comments on the various discussion boards about many words that have two or more meanings, one of which is considered derogatory and is not allowed. E.G. Faggot (a bunch of wood). Jew is another debatable word. Although when defined as an adjective it is considered derogatory, as a noun it is not. I am a Jew. There are many Jews… Now the latter is accepted so I ask, if it is the plural of Jew why is Jew not accepted.

Let’s create a list of such words. Do give the source for the acceptable version and a short explanation.

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