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Friday, February 18, 2011

Word Finders and Word Checkers

Here are some that I know about. To say what could be used or not is really up to the players. Using one without consent is cheating. If I was to offer a suggestion then should I use one and see a word I knew then I might use it but if it was gobblydegook then I would not.

I do feel that save for, using the pure cheat like the LEXICAL WORD FINDER, most reasonable players can do better because PLACEMENT is more than half the problem.

These are just some of them -

LEXICAL WORD FINDER : You can enter the entire board and find the best word. Suuports Scrabble and WWF and their dictionarys. Pure Cheat.

Lists of 2 and 3 letter words : Word checker and word finder. Supports multiple blanks. Useful.


Check which words are allowed and disallowed in Scrabble games, wherever you are online.

Complete awkward solutions in a crossword grid; if you know some of the letters, simply use ‘?’ in place of the missing letters, i.e. CR???W??D
Find out if a word has any anagrams
Find out if a word is allowable for Scrabble

WORD CHECK app: free application provides an English word look up through the well known on-line site, Wiktionary, where you can check for the meaning of words.

Comprehensive word checker and anagramfinder. Uses the word CHEAT in its publicity!

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