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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I was accused of cheating by someone I realised was probably cheating!

Papichulo3D is his or her WWF name. I've been playing Scrabble for 50 years now and reckon I am an above average player. Late last night I looked for a random game and Papichulo3D appeared. The game went like this:

I had good letters and early on had 2 bingos - both rather ordinary words: SE(V)ERITY and then OUTLIVE(S). Using my own tip of looking at word endings (ITY) and beginnings (OUT) they were not difficult to find.

Papichulo3D sent a chat message, "Why play when your gonna cheat?" to which I replied, "They are two ordinary words unlike M(Y)XOID."
Then came this,

Which kind of begs the question: How can someone as illiterate (illerate -as he spells it!) as Papichulo3D, play words that most ordinary people would not know?

I wrote a short blog earlier here about how to spot cheating and Papichulo3D showed some of the my classic pointers to a cheat.

1) A good player might have a word like MYXOID but actually, as Papichulo3D played it, it scored low (29). Had he played M(I)X next to SEVER... using the I of HAVING he'd have scored 47!

2) With MYXOID (29) he also left open the TW & TL (W) square which I used with WOKE (33).

3) With STAVING (20) he used the S only on a DL square with no DW at all. A waste and gave me an opening to use my rack.

4) He cannot write English properly but yet has a very advanced dictionary.

So Papichulo3D if you ever read this do not accuse people of cheating without some valid reason. My 4 valid reasons to say you cheated are listed above.


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