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Sunday, February 26, 2012

When the internet dies.....

Two weeks ago we had a powercut. It was in the middle of a very cold spell with the thermometer showing minus 12c, snow on the ground, horses to feed and cats that we normally see once or twice a day, refusing to go out. When the electricity was restored my Internet box had died as well as my UK TV decoder. No phone. No Internet. No neighbours as we live on a farm and the nearest hot spot ia a ten minute drive. Our ISP (Internet Service Provider) is called they have one telephone number, no address and no shops. They took 10 days to "validate" whatever they had to validate and as yet the new ISP box has not arrived. I write this in a hotel room in the UK where I am for a family wedding. When i finally get back on air I am cancelling my contract with FREE. My apologies to any who had to wait and to all of you who had me resigning. The games got chopped by WWF. Do challenge me and hopefully we can get back to normal.


We finally change our ISP and gave our old ISP the boot. It's amazing how much we have tied into the Internet box.

I lost all my games on WWF and thus some of you (if you read this) will understand why I seemed to have disappeared off the face of the earth.  Just send me an invite to play and be patient.

However I did learn one thing. WWF is addictive and very much so at that. What is more the game is cleverly designed to suck you deeper and deeper. You can have, as I have had, 25 games on the go at any time. So be selective about accepting invites. I hate refusing but there comes a time when too much is too much. I will now only play 10 games max and will refuse any others.

My user name is < henryb65 > but if I refuse the challenge please understand. I love my wife more than WWF!!!

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