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Friday, March 23, 2012


This will be a shortish post!  After one year of playing what is an absolutely super game I found myself having 25 and more games to play and it was taking up a lot of my time. Too much in fact. WWF say that 20 games is the limit. In fact it is greater than that as 20 is the limit of "active games". Having more sort of proves it. So be it.

Then our Internet box blew up and we were without Internet (and telephone) for nearly a month and because we lived in the country  it was not possible to log on with a neighbour (we have none) so all my games eventually died. The result was that I lost all my opponents and then, when we eventually got back on, I had to concentrate on putting everything back as it was. (For those of you who have had this happen you will understand what is required).

Then I thought let's have a rest from WWF for a few days. AND that's when I realised that I had become addicted.

I like and respect WWF. But the way it works, and I am not talking about the game itself but the challenges that are sent and the "play again" buttons, make this escalation escalate!! That's why from having 10/15 games I found myself with, I think, 30 at one point. Too much.

I had also just changed from PC to Mac and that also took up far more of my free time than I had expected. It was worth it however.  So for the moment I am not playing. I will restrict my playing now to specific periods like when on holiday or just plain bored or I feel the need.

I'd love to hear from any of you who also feel addicted. Maybe we can have a clinic of WWF addicted players.

To all of you who have visited this blog, thanks. There are more than 250,000 of you! Far more than I ever thought possible. The tips are there for you to use and I hope profit from. 

Thanks for your comments. Do not stop, as I read them all and take note of all you say.


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